Yonghe Temple

It is starting to feel like Spring here in Beijing.  We’ve been really trying to enjoy every sunny, fresh air day.  These kinds of days don’t always happen at the same time here so we really need get outside when they do.

We recently spent one of these days at the Yonghe Temple or Lama Temple.  This beautiful Lamastery is located just off the 2nd Ring Road.  It was crowded, as are most places in Beijing, but still very peaceful.  Many Buddhists come to pray and worship and there are smells of incense in the air.  It is a really lovely place to spend time.

Yonghe Temple doorway

There are many buildings around the sight and it is interesting to step inside each one.  They are all very similar, but slightly different.  Each has different statues, furniture, and paintings.  The center building is the most beautiful with its large Buddha and colorful fabric hangings.  If you come at the right time of day, you can hear the monks chanting in this center temple.


My favorite thing to do at the Temple is look up.  I love to see all of the patterns painted onto the ceiling and doorways.  They are so beautiful and intricate.  It amazes me how ALL of the area is covered in these beautiful designs.

We of course had to also try to find as many dragons as we could.  That is my son’s favorite thing to anywhere in Beijing. Afterwards, we headed into the hutong across the street for some lunch. There are tons of delicious restaurants, many with rooftop areas which give you a great view of the streets down below and the Temple.  The Element has terrific ribs according to my daughter.

I hope that you all are finding some great ways to get out and enjoy the Spring weather!


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