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Back At It

Hey there lovely readers! Long time, no see! The Traveling Circus has been getting settled into our new home here in Beijing.  It has been quite the adjustment.

The language barrier is more like the great divide. Finding familiar foods is difficult even with a small grocery store nearby that caters to expats. And the traffic is CRAZY!

BUT, the kids are very happy at school.  We love being able to explore such an ancient culture so different from our own. Our house is starting to feel like home. And I have found a great group of women who are now my tribe.

So, here I am back at it.  My goal is to try to post once a week.  I think moving forward that my posts will be more travel based and about how our family handles this lifestyle.  I still love my “What I Wore Wednesday” but I think it’s more of an Instagram thing.  There are SO MANY great fashion bloggers and influencers out there, that I feel lost.  Not to mention the fact that I basically have to order all of my clothes from the US and by the time they arrive here, they are sold out or I won’t be able to use them until the following year whenever that season rolls around again (i.e the amazing chunky sweater from Amazon from December that still hasn’t arrived and now it’s getting warm here) See weeping and wailing that my sweater won’t see the light of day until next November.

Until next time, here’s a few photos of what we’ve been up to in the past few months.

798WangfujingFragrant Hills LionTraditionally printed fabricLama Temple, BeijingGreat Wall TowerTemple of Heaven

See you next time circus goers!

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