PRIME time

I’ve got to tell you: I am in love with Amazon Prime. I know that pretty much everyone knows about it, but in case you don’t, check it out here.  A yearly fee opens up free shipping for PRIME items, free Kindle downloads, music, PRIME video, unlimited photo storage, the list goes on & on. We order so much stuff from Amazon that the yearly fee is a bargain compared to how much we would pay for shipping without it.  Amazon has also been a total lifesaver when living overseas.  When we arrived in New Zealand we were at a complete loss as to snacks for the kids. This was especially true for our son who literally eats the same breakfast everyday and is self-limited to a total of 4 snack foods, none of which were available. We set up a shipment immediately upon arrival and had a monthly shipment of groceries for 2 years with lots of shipments in between.

The only mishap we had was when I ordered pancake syrup.  The bottle exploded during the shipping process and leaked all over the entire bag of diplomatic mail.  Luckily, we had amazing mail room supervisor who dealt with the mess, bagged up the remains of our box and syrup, and even laughed about it all.  My husband dealt with the apologies we owed people who received sticky mail on our account.  I just hung my head in shame the next time I went to pick up the mail.

So, I know it’s not Wednesday, but I’m tagging this one as a “What I Wore Wednesday” because pretty much everything here is something I’ve worn lately.  I have ordered a few things from the “fashion department” at Amazon before but I don’t think I realized how much cute stuff was actually out there until recently. I am participating in the Putting Me Together Spring Challenge which has been awesome for me.  I feel like I usually do a good job of being “put together”, but have struggled to utilize the pieces in my closet to the maximum potential.  I feel like this challenge has helped me in that.  I had a lot of clothing items for the challenge in my wardrobe already but needed to grab a few items to complete the challenge.  I also needed to do this on the cheap as we have a clothing budget that I really try to stick to.

The first item I needed was a neutral based floral tee shirt.  I didn’t really love the ones linked in the challenge shopping guide or want to spend a ton of money on a tee shirt.  Enter this little beauty: (click the pic for buying options)

Shopglamla Short Sleeves Contrast Print Colorblock Raglan Top

It’s really cute in person, but runs a little big.  I ordered a large because that is what size tee I normally need.  I definitely have to tuck this tee in, but I also have the option to tie or twist it to one side which is apparently back in style.  I really like how this tee has the striped back instead of one continuous pattern.  I feel like that makes it more versatile.

I can wear it with pink, denim, black, white, etc.  It’s in the rotation for tomorrow with some cinnamon jeans so check out my Instagram tomorrow for that.

The next item I recently ordered was this cardigan: (click the pic for buying options)

A + D Womens Basic Open Front Knit Cardigan w/ Pockets

It is so soft and comfy.  My son actually loves to run his hand up and down the sleeve the whole time saying “so soft”. It is the perfect cardigan for those of experiencing the anti-Spring right now.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve worn this sweater lately.  It is one of my new favorites and it goes perfectly with the floral tee above.

Next I grabbed some colored flats.  I needed to add a pair to the collection anyway, so this seemed like a good time to take the plunge.  While I really wanted a coral pair, I couldn’t find any that I liked the fit.  These were recommended on the PMY Facebook group so I gave them a try.  I will definitely get a lot of wear out of these.  The mustard color goes with so many things.  (click the pic for buying options)

Ollio Women's Ballet Comfort Light Faux Suede Multi Color Shoe Flat

They are comfortable to wear all day.  They are faux suede and surprisingly easy to clean.  I actually got them really muddy the other day taking the dog for a walk after a hard rain.  I let them air dry overnight and then just scrubbed the dirt away with a dry nail brush and good as new.  I was pleasantly surprised, not only with the result but how actually awesome these super affordable shoes are.

The second pair of shoes I ordered are these adorable lace up flats from Chinese Laundry. (click the pic for buying options)

Chinese Laundry Women's Endless Summer Ghillie Flat

I had been wanting a pair of lace up flats for a while.  I’d also been wanting to branch out a bit.  I tend to play it safe when choosing shoes, single color, no print (besides leopard of course) I chose these instead of a pair of blush flats  for the PMT Challenge.  I already had a pair of regular ballet  flats that are sort of nude/blush so I wanted to upgrade a little.  I actually really love these flats and am totally buying the black suede ones for the Fall.

This last item isn’t in my closet yet, but it is going to be! The clutch purse is everywhere right now and there are actually quite a few options for similar ones if you search on Amazon.  (click the pic for buying options)

Miuco Womens Bamboo Handbag Handmade  Tote Bag

I mean, how cute is this?! Day of shopping in a beach town? Summer date night? Cruise? Tropical vacay in your future? This bag has you covered! As soon as the accessory budget replenishes, this baby is mine!

Happy shopping readers!

*This post contains affiliate links.  Photos taken from Amazon.



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