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Cherry Blossoming

On Friday, it actually felt like Spring. We had been waiting for this day for ages and I can’t wait for its repeat.  We decided that since the weekend weather was supposed to be cold and crummy, Friday was our best bet for cherry blossoms.

Even though the hubby has been in DC for training in the past during the Spring, our family had actually been posted elsewhere at the time.  This made it impossible for us (the kids and me) to actually be in DC when the blossoms were blooming. Seeing them is something that has been on my list for years.

contrasting blossoms

I had heard about the beauty of the cherry blossoms from numerous sources, including my mom who lived in DC for years. I mean, who hasn’t heard about the famous cherry blossoms in DC?  They are spread along the National Mall and concentrated around the Tidal Basin.  I was really surprised at how many of them there were around this area.

I was also really surprised at the number of people that were out seeing them on a Friday evening.  I don’t know why I was surprised.  I mean, I had seen the photos of photographers stacked 5 deep and behind them the sea of people that made Disney World crowds look sparse.  It actually wasn’t as bad as the photos when we went, but it was still CRAZY crowded.

If you don’t have to drive, don’t.  While the Metro will be crowded, it will definitely be less frustrating than sitting in traffic and trying to find parking.  The closest stops are Smithsonian and L’ Enfant Plaza.  These are about a half mile walk to the Tidal Basin. Another option is Arlington Cemetery.  This is almost a mile and a half but it will be a less crowded walk for sure.  There’s also plenty to see along the way from any of the stations.

drooping cherry blossoms

I really loved the huge trees that were drooping into the Basin.  They were such an interesting contrast to the smaller trees on the opposite side.  I also didn’t realize that there would be such a variance in blossom color.  Given all of the pink promotional gear that floats around DC, I was expecting all pink blossoms on every tree.  This is not the case at all.  Many of them are actually bright white, but no less lovely.

contrasting blossoms

I am clearly not a professional photographer. Most of the time, I keep my DSLR set to auto.  I know, I know, it’s a sin.  I really like trying to find an interesting perspective though. I love shooting through the branches of trees to see what else I can see.  Sometimes, it’s just a pretty flower or leaf.  Sometimes, it’s a National Monument.

ball of blossoms

tree with blossomsmonument blossoms

If you ever happen to be in DC in the Spring, the Cherry Blossoms are definitely worth a visit.  You can follow the Cherry Blossom Watch here. There are so many events tied to the blooming and Cherry Blossom Festival, both free and for a fee.  Check out the events calendar here. It’s basically a more than month long celebration of these beautiful trees.

lampost blossoms

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