Instagram Round Up

Hello readers and happy Wednesday.  I know this post has come back to back  with my last one, but I’m trying to get back on track.  I didn’t schedule enough posts ahead of time before my surgery. I honestly didn’t expect to be so out of it the first week after.  I figured that while I was on the couch, I would be blogging away, but alas that was not the case.

Since I’ve not had the time (or to be honest, the energy) to do any photo shoots I thought that an Instagram round up might be a great way to highlight some of my new favorites. I apologize for the grainy photos, most of these were taken with my phone.

pink cargo jacket

My mom came to stay and help out with the kids after my surgery.  One of the last days before she left, I was feeling well enough to go out to lunch and do a little shopping. And by shopping, I mean I made it through one store.  That store was Old Navy.  I was so excited to snag this cute pink field jacket.  It’s a sweet, baby pink color and it makes me happy to wear it.  I really like how it has the drawstring waist so I can make it look a little more fitted.  I bought a large and I’m happy with that because I can zip the jacket without it being too tight in the chest. I also really like how it doesn’t have a hood.  I feel like a jacket with a hood should be waterproof or it’s pointless, it just adds bulk.  I’ve worn this jacket quite a few times since I purchased it.  It also looks really cute with my black drawstring pullover.

Stitch Fix all day

About 2 days after my surgery we had a deliciously warm day in D.C.  I think I was heavily medicated because I thought it would be a good idea to attempt to leave the house.  I paid for it dearly the next day. I was excited to get to wear this Byer California Sabria Knit Dress though. I received it in my October StitchFix and only got to wear it once (to my birthday dinner) before the weather got too cold. It looks really cute with some open-toe booties, but as seen here, it also looks nice with my Jack Purcells too. Except for my shoes, this whole outfit is from StitchFix.  The denim jacket came in the same fix as the dress.  This Pistola Emmen Cropped Denim Jacket is THE perfect denim jacket.  It’s lightweight, a little distressed, and super stretchy.  I love the stretch since I feel like I can actually move around in it and it isn’t too tight in the shoulders which has been my major problem in the past.  My bag is also from StitchFix, but it is a couple of years old already.  It’s the Urban Expressions Jak Zipper Detail Tote.  I love this bag and use it almost everyday.  It’s big enough inside for my wallet, essentials, and any kid stuff I inevitably end up toting around, but it also has 3 external pockets that are great for my phone (so I always know where it is) and for other stuff I need to be able to find fast.

Stitchfix olive pants

This outfit is also all StitchFix except for the shoes.  You can read about the crew neck pullover and the olive skinnies here.  I am loving how well they go together. The necklace is actually on backwards.  It is a lovely light aqua color on the other side but I have made it reversible to suit my needs. My shoes are a recent purchase.  I talked about my need for new leopard flats a while back (read that here).  These are almost the exact same pair as my old ones although I don’t love the coloring of these quite as much.  I do love the comfort though! I wear them several times a week.

pink sweater peplum

So, I talked about this awesome peplum and the pull-on skinnies here.  Obviously, I’m still loving them.  I really wish the skinnies came in more colors.  I NEED more pairs.  The cardigan is a New Zealand find and needs to be replaced.  I am having the hardest time finding a new one though.  Every time I find a cute one on, it’s sold out in my size.  If anyone has a lead on a cute, light pink, long cardigan, I’d be in your debt. The gold flats are Dream Pairs and they are so comfy! They come in lots of colors, so definitely check them out.

hm top and LOFT skinnies

I have a thing for striped shirts.  It’s actually a bit of a problem.  I have a whole section of my closet that is just black and white striped shirts.  I love them though and I just can’t help myself.  This long sleeved jersey top from H&M is a slouchy pullover with a sweatshirt feel to it.  I probably could have gone down a size because it is oversized to begin with, but I just give it a partial tuck and it looks great.  Given that it is a little big, I feel like I could also just throw it on with some leggings for a casual day.  My burgundy skinnies are from LOFT, I bought them in the Fall when we returned from overseas.  These have cute zippers on the back of the ankles.  I wasn’t sure about that embellishment at first since it reminded me a little too much of the late 80’s but I’ve come to actually like it.  It gives the jeans just a little something extra. I’ve talked about how much I love the LOFT legging jeans before.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Spring and Summer line.

Well, that’s the round up.  Hope that there was something here that you can use to brighten up your wardrobe or give you ideas as to how to use some items you may already have in your closet.  Until next time!


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