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Rockets of Awesome

So, I’ve been seeing Facebook ads for Rockets of Awesome for a while now.  I love my StitchFix and FabFitFun so I was excited to find a subscription box for the kids to try out. Last week our newest subscription box showed up on the doorstep.  My daughter loves to see what my boxes hold so she was really excited for a box of her own.  My son was actually really excited too (this could be because he didn’t have to go shopping, but I’m going to go with straight up excitement).

kids w boxes

This subscription ships quarterly, contains 8 items and costs $150 if you keep everything. It works a bit like StitchFix in that there is a $20 styling fee that then gets used toward the items you keep, you return the items you don’t want at no cost, and there is a discount for keeping all of the items.  The “style profile” is fairly thorough and allowed me to provide detailed information about my children’s preferences.  This was especially helpful for my son as he has some sensory needs and finding clothing for him is difficult. There is also a feature so that you can see the items they are planning to ship and swap out a few items if you want.

The box is really cute.  It looks like a little suitcase and is bright and colorful inside and out.  It comes wrapped inside shiny silver paper and is stacked neatly.  The presentation is really nice.

I’ll start with the box that came for our daughter. All of the clothes they sent were really cute and fashionable.  They were true to size, well made, and age appropriate.  That last aspect was really nice to see.  The older our daughter gets, the harder it is to find clothes that are age appropriate.  Most of them either look like she should be heading to a club with a fake ID or she deems them too babyish to be seen dead in.

Chars picstitch

Our daughter really liked all of the pieces that they sent her. They were comfortable fabrics. Especially the hoodie.  It is soooo soft.  I’m actually really jealous that it isn’t for me.  She loved it and continued wearing it all day.  These black ruffle shorts were really cute too.  They will be great once the weather warms up.  I think they are just long enough for her to be able to get away with them at school too.

Cozy Cloud Hoodie bunny grey & Ruffle Short black

The other pair of shorts in the box was also really cute.  They are cream & navy stripes with a cord tie at the waist.  They are really loose and look almost like a skirt.  They are nice and airy and should be cool to wear in the summer.  This sequin pocket tee shirt was really cute too, but it is so sheer.  We weren’t going to keep it because of this but it was actually cheaper to keep it and get the “keep it all” discount. She really loved the style of it. I’m not sure if I will let her wear it or if we will have to come to some sort of agreement about wearing a cami under it.

Sequin Pocket Tee white & Flutter Short ivory

The next two pieces don’t really go together, but we were trying to get them all tried on quickly. These joggers are another item that feel super soft.  The material is very comfortable.  Neither of us was crazy about how loose they were at the bottom but they were still really cute.  I think they would look great with just a tee shirt and some slip-on Vans.  She definitely has room to grow taller in these too.  The embroidered ruffle top is a sweet little shirt.  It is very pale blue, a nice weight, and will look great in the Spring with some white jeans or shorts.

Embroidered Ruffle Top ice blue & Comfy Jogger washed black

The last two tops were the favorites. Mine, then hers.  This black & white striped tee shirt is definitely something I would wear myself.  It is a classic tee shirt both in print and cute.  The pocket with the opposite stripe is a cute touch.  The other black and white striped shirt has flowy pleated panels on the side.  She absolutely loved this top. Check out the twirl!

Stripe Mix Boxy Tee (black)

Stripe Side-Pleat Top ivory

And now for the boy’s box! My son hates to go shopping.  It’s not his thing the way it isn’t an enjoyable experience for many guys, but going to the mall and having to look at al of the different clothing is a sensory nightmare for our boy.  This could be a solution that will work for us.

As with the girl’s box, everything in this box was really nice.  It coordinated well, was well made, and true to size. There was a great mix of athletic wear and everyday classic pieces.  Everything was exactly what we asked for.

boys box

I really thought that this outfit was great and would be a winner.  The shirt and shorts coordinated perfectly.  The print on the front of the shirt is actually dark blue like the back but they are reflective so it looks white in the photo.  The shorts were a little big but had a draw string to remedy that. He had plenty of room to grow even though the items fit.  The material is a bit like UnderArmor.  He really liked the design of these two pieces. Unfortunately, he did not like the material.  He found it too “tickly” and loose, so these two items went back.

Race Track Active Tee (highlighter) & Ombre Active Short (graphite)

These next items were definite winners. I was unsure about the tee shirt because the printing on the back is a bit stiff, but he loved it.  The tee shirt is really cute and looks sort of like the back and front of a baseball card except the player is a tiger.  He got right into character as you can see.  The hoodie was also a keeper.  He liked the color a lot.  It’s a really nice combo of heather blues.  The best part for us is that it is full zip and doesn’t have to go over his head.

MVP Catcher Tee (white) & Football Hoodie (heather lake)

The royal blue tee shirt here is the same material as the “let’s race” tee and while it was cute, it was returned because our son couldn’t handle the way it felt.  The other two items were keepers.  The red tee shirt is awesome.  It is really soft and describes our family perfectly if I do say so myself.  The joggers are a great fit with room to grow and again super soft material.  They have been worn several times already.  Thank goodness they hold up well in the wash.

Knit Jogger (heather comet), Active Awesome Tee (electric cobalt) & Awesome Tee (heather engine red)

This tee shirt was also a favorite.  The lightning bolt reminded my son of Minecraft which was epic in his opinion. This kid id definitely full of awesome so this shirt is great for him. Again, it is soft and comfy and the printing isn’t stiff at all.  He can’t wait until it is warm enough to wear it and show it off.

Awesome Generator Tee heather comet

Overall, we were really pleased with this experience. The only thing that I didn’t love about it was that it was supposed to be the “Winter” box and it was full of mostly tee shirts and shorts.  On the other hand, it is late in the season and it may just have been that they were running low on winter stock. Either way, the kids will have some nice pieces when the weather warms up and they each got a great pair of joggers and a hoodie that they love and can wear now.  While $150 may seem like a lot for 8 items of kids’ clothing, it is really high quality clothing and I feel like it will last longer than something I bought at Target or Old Navy.  Having it delivered to my door so I don’t have to drag my kids out shopping makes it even better. In my opinion, that makes up for the price difference.

If you would like to try Rockets of Awesome, please use the link provided here.  You will get a free item of your choice in your box for using the link and I will earn a free item of clothing for one of my kids each time some one uses the link to order.  Thanks in advance if you decide to give it a try.  Enjoy!

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