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Athleisure is amazing!

I’ve got to be honest, I’m all out of everything this week.  I have had kids home sick from school for more than 2 weeks now.  One after the other, they fell victim to the flu.  Our daughter definitely got the worst of it and is still not at 100%.  I’m tired, I’m out of patience, and I have little energy left for anything other than caring for my children.  I’ve lost all my “jija”. (spelling? My grandmother’s family back in old Asturias, Spain used it to describe the desire to do anything.) I mean, I’m on the verge of ordering pizza for dinner every night even though our Hello Fresh delivery is sitting in the fridge. This post almost didn’t get written.  

Yesterday, I had just enough motivation left to either spend time on my hair & make-up or to try to find a cute outfit in my closet.  The hair & make-up won. Although, even that wasn’t the full effort.  My curls fell out by noon and I forgot half of my skin care regimen.  I decided that there is no shame in throwing on running tights and a hoodie because it was better than spending the day in my robe.  At least I had managed a shower, I might as well get dressed too.

I recently posted this outfit on my instagram, so I guess this post will be sort of like a flat lay in real life. I really do love the athleisure thing as a whole because it is so simple.  I am usually more of a joggers and cute t-shirt with a denim jacket kind of athleisure girl but this outfit is just where I am today.

Athleisure full outfit

I purchased this double-hood pullover from Zulily about a month ago.  I don’t shop on Zulily very often anymore as the kids get older but every once in a while I fire it up and find something good.  I’m pretty sure the exact same hoodie is on Amazon and I may buy another print at some point.   The strings in the hoodie were sort of cheesy so I pulled them out.  I might have done it anyway since I really don’t love hoodie strings to begin with. Similar hoodies are available from Mindy Mae’s Market.  They sell out ridiculously fast so it’s hard to catch them in time.  I am positive that the ones from Mindy Mae’s are much better quality.  I have a pair of joggers from them that are so plush and comfy.  I really love the comfort and style of this hoodie and think it would probably be cute with jeans or to throw on with some shorts on cooler summer nights.

double hooded sweatshirt

My grey t-shirt (featured in the flat lay) is a New Zealand find.  It’s from a great store called SEED that has everything from athleisure to date night dresses.  I loved their selection of accessories too.  I added the t-shirt because it is still so cold here and I just needed an extra layer.  I suspect the hoodie would be ok by itself in slightly warmer temps. Here’s a short sleeved and a long sleeved option for you.

My running tights are another New Zealand buy but they are from Lululemon so easy enough to find something similar.  I think this particular line has been discontinued or replaced because I couldn’t even find it on the NZ site.  I did find very similar ones on the website.  I like my particular pair because it has a drawstring waist which has been helpful as I have lost a few pounds recently.  It also has a handy little zipper pocket at the back of the waist.  It’s great for my key, ID, and a dollar or 2 for a water if I’m out.  I also think that the stripe down the side and tulip cutout at the bottom give them a little something extra.

Lululemon running tight

Even though my kids have been on the couch a lot the last 2 weeks, I have been on my feet.  I have done more laundry, cleaning, disinfecting, etc. than I have in longer than I can remember.  My FitBit thinks 10,000 steps is a joke now. My feet were very happy to have my Nikes on today.  While I can’t wear these to actually run (my super high arches are not supported by these) they are great for the everyday.  I wear them a lot with jeans and t-shirts or if we are going to be out walking around the city.  They are such a stretchy material and they move really easily.  I wear a lot of black & white so the color is great for me too.  I wore some Vans no-show socks with them.  These socks are the best.  I wear them with every pair of “sneakers” I own; my Vans, my Steve Madden slip-ons, I even wear them with my Toms sometimes.

Nike running shoes

I’m off to do more laundry, but at least I’ll be doing it in comfort. Hopefully next week’s “What I Wore Wednesday” will be a little more stylish.



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