Stitch Fix Review

I love everything about Stitch Fix.  I love the ease of not having to actually pack everyone in the car, go to the mall, try on all the things, while everyone complains.  I love that my stylist and I have gotten into a really good groove and she knows what I like and what would be great pieces to send me. I love how I can get 5 items of quality clothing for a somewhat reasonable price (the “buy all 5” discount is fantastic).  I love that they ship to military and diplomatic addresses overseas so that I can look great even if the local options aren’t quite my style. And, I love that I can order fixes on my own schedule.

I just received my second box since coming back to the States. I was so excited when I checked the app to grab a sneak peak at what would be in my box. All of my items were clothing this time.  I occasionally ask for or randomly get sent a piece of jewelry or more recently, shoes.  As usual, my stylist, Lauren, was spot on.

The first item I tried on was this 41 Hawthorn Maizey Essential Crewneck Pullover.  I was especially excited for this sweater because it was also in my last box but in a too-small size.  The exchange option didn’t work out last time, but Lauren managed to find another one in a larger size for me. It is lightweight and has a fine knit.  I’ve paired it here with my usual jeans and flats (I talked about these in a recent post). I also feel like I could dress it up with a printed pencil skirt and heels for a date night or dress it down like I did with the next item. Verdict: Keep.

41 Hawthorn Pullover

So, when I first unboxed these Pistola Brooks Cargo Skinny Pants, I didn’t love the color.  I was thinking a deeper olive color would be better, but once I got them on with the sweater, I was in love.  They are definitely casual wear, but that’s what I need most of the time anyway. The pants work really well with the sweater from 41 Hawthorn, but I think they would look great with just a plain t-shirt and a denim jacket too.  Verdict: Keep.

Pistola Pants

The next piece I was super excited about was the Skies Are Blue Alisson Chambray Top.  Because we are on a temporary assignment we were only allowed a very limited amount of weight in our Air Shipment.  Well, that and what we could carry in our suitcases.  I ended up having to send a large amount of clothing with our Household Effects shipment that will arrive in Beijing sometime after we do.  I have a chambray shirt somewhere in that shipment and I have been kicking myself for not bringing it with me.  I don’t feel bad keeping this one because it is a different style than the one I already have. Long story, short, I was giddy when I pulled this top out.  It looks great with leggings and a variety of shoes, and because the sleeves roll easily, I think I can also wear it with shorts once the weather warms up.  Verdict: Keep.

Chambray top

The Look By M Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf was a fantastic piece.  I absolutely loved it, but I already have a scarf that is almost exactly the same.  Like I said, Lauren really gets my style. The scarf looked great with my new chambray top. I wear my own scarf with a variety of outfits from t-shirts and chunky cardigans to oxford shirts and quilted vests. Honestly, if I had kept all of the other pieces from my Fix, I would have kept this too because it is much higher quality than mine.  Verdict: Return


Which brings me to my last piece. This Jack by BB Dakota Alianna Cropped Faux Leather Jacket was really cool.  Maybe too cool for me though.  Even though it is faux leather, it didn’t look or feel cheap.  The dark grey color was a nice change without straying too far from the standard black. It was a great choice because I don’t love to spend a ton of money on trendy items that may go out of style quickly. It is a really trendy piece and I wanted to like it but it was just a little too trendy for me. I am glad that Lauren sent it though because she helps me to get outside of my comfort zone. I would have never even looked at this piece if I were out in a store, but trying it on with items I already had in my closet gave me the opportunity to think about how I could make it work. Verdict: Return.

Faux Leather Jacket

If you haven’t tried StitchFix yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.  Here’s a link for you if you are ready to take the plunge: CLICK HERE.  If you use this link and order a Fix, I will get a small credit on my account (just wanted you to know). Enjoy!


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