Sunny Saturday

This past weekend was glorious! The sunshine and relative warmth was a much appreciated change from the recent weather.  We took the kids to a local park in the afternoon for some fresh air.  It was so nice to be able to let them run around for a while without freezing. 


I decided to forgo my jacket since it was nice out, but I still needed a heavy sweater.  I recently ordered this beauty from LLBean.  I don’t normally get clothes from LLBean, but I had been wanting a sweater like this one for a while.  LLBean had a sale a couple of weeks ago and I had a $10 off coupon so I jumped all over the sweater. I think I could have ordered a size down because I have tons of room to spare, but I actually don’t mind the swingy style of it. 


I paired the sweater with a long sleeved striped T-shirt underneath & some skinny jeans.  I really love this shirt from the A New Day line at Target.  It has the perfect amount of stretch and is really soft. I think the striped shirt is sold out, but you can find solid colors here. The jeans are Mavi Alexa jeans that I got from a StitchFix last year.  They are also super stretchy.  Are you noticing a trend here?


Because I knew we would be walking around a bit, I wore my Dream Pairs ballet flats. They are really comfortable.  I can spend all day walking around in these and not have sore feet.  I mean, I probably wouldn’t hike around the city all day long, but they are great for everyday. You can find them on Amazon.  Dream Pairs has tons of different styles and colors too. 

I really hope this weather continues.  I love being able to get outside and enjoy our city.

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