Sweater Weather

Baby, it’s cold outside! I am not really a cold weather kind of person. I grew up in the South so my idea of cold is anything below 60 degrees.  I have a hard time with just the cold in general, but add to it the bulk of winter clothing and I am just shy of miserable. However, I am slowly, but surely, starting to deal with it a little better.

We are currently living in the DC area while my husband is in language school.  It has been colder than usual here (I think).  In all fairness though, I think it has been colder than usual in most places.  I feel like my time living in Boston should have prepared me a little better than this though. 

In an attempt to stay warm, I pulled an old favorite from the back of my closet today.  I purchased this sweater while living in New Zealand.  (Similar here & here.)  Wellington is pretty famous for its constant wind.  A lot of the time, that wind is accompanied by a biting chill.  This particular sweater is so warm that I could get by with a light jacket over the top of it while out in the city.  I definitely can’t get away with that here, but I sure do feel cozy. 


I paired it with my favorite legging jeans from LOFT. They are literally my perfect jean.  Having ridiculously skinny ankles makes it hard to find skinnies that are actually tight all the way down. Being 5’2” also makes it hard to find jeans I don’t have to cuff.  These are the perfect length for me too.  And while these jeans aren’t high waisted, they are high enough that I don’t end up with the dreaded muffin top. 


Since I knew I’d be spending most of my time indoors today, I wore my leopard flats.  Again, some of my favorites here.  These are actually a couple years old now and I am sad to say that they are beginning to look a little worse for wear. They are so stylish and comfortable (both important in my book) that I can’t find a replacement to compare just yet.  I  recently ordered these since they are the closest to my old ones.  I am on a serious hunt for replacements so I hope they work out.  

a nice cozy sweater & a cup of tea

I’m off to warm up even more with a nice cup of tea.  What are some of your favorite cozy sweaters?

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(photos courtesy of my lovely daughter)

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